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  • Pregnancy affecting oral health
  • Gum Health
  • Plaque Control
  • Enamel Thinning
  • Dental Sensitivity
  • Shade of Teeth
  • Perfection!
  • Dental Decay

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Some general advice based on your results

During pregnancy, your increased hormones can affect your body's response to plaque which can lead to an increased risk of tooth decay and gum disease.

We know that bad breath, gum disease, and inflamed or bleeding gums are all very uncomfortable for anyone to endure. The bacteria that causes this is the result of plaque build-up on your teeth

Plaque is what makes teeth "feel fuzzy" to the tongue. It develops when soft drinks or sugary snacks are frequently left on the teeth.

It seems your teeth have taken some damage through the years! Tooth erosion is the result of excessive consumption of sugary and acidic food and drinks, however, wear and tear and stress are also common causes.

It looks like you’re a bit on the sensitive side. To stop further damage it’s important that you are not brushing too hard and avoiding acidic foods and drinks.

It can be hard to keep your teeth free from stains. Coffee, colas, wine and smoking can all cause long-term discolouration. Inadequate brushing, flossing, are other top causes.

Your results show you take good care of your mouth, teeth and gums. That is a worthy goal in and of itself. Well done!

Cavities start small and gradually become bigger if left untreated, so be careful! Because many cavities don’t cause pain in the beginning, it can be hard to realise that a problem exists. Which can lead to tooth decay